• The sink-source flow induced in the surrounding aether-
    medium of a spiral vortex like earth is equivalent to
    what scientists have called a “magnetic field.” But
    rather than being some mysterious property that is
    neither space nor matter that can act at a distance—
    that is some matterless force that causes—the aethro-
    kinematic sink-source flow gives a logical mechanical
    picture of what is actually going on in so-called
    magnetic fields.

  • I'll use earth as an example because that is what we
    are most familiar with. The aether flows in towards the
    center of the earth at the north pole and exits at the
    south pole. This directional flow, north to south, is
    equivalent to the pole-orientation of bar magnets. The
    geographic north pole of the earth is actually magnetic
    south because that is where the aether is flowing in
    (the south pole being where it flows out).
The Magnetic "Field"; or,
The Sink-Source Flow of the Aether
Note the exact correspondence between the "magnetic fields" and
sink-source flow represented in my figure.
Summary of this page:

  • the sink-source flow of the aether is the "magnetic field" of a gravity system.
  • the flow-structure of a gravomagnetic system.
This figure shows the earth (and a "black hole") at the
center of torus. The torus represents the vortex and the
center of the torus where the sink-source flow ("magnetic
field") takes place.
Source: Author
Source: NASA
The full picture of a gravity system
In the next page I will describe the fluid nature of a spiral vortex.
An rendering of the actual fluid motion of the "magnetic field" of earth (blue = south; orange =
north). Note the solenoid shape of the sink-source flow that passes through the center of the
vortex. This motion occurs because, as the sink source moves downward, the rotational motion
of the vortex imparts its motion onto it. Thus, as the sink-source spirals downwards instead of
just moving in a straight radial line.
Source: NASA
In sum, the “gravitational fields” and “magnetic fields” are intimately connected: the dynamic pressure within the
sink-source flow is high; this area of low static pressure, acting as sink, maintains the spiral vortex around it; the
spiral vortex in turn causes some of the sink-source flow to be back-reflected, and imparts on the central sink-
source flow its rotational motion, causing it to spiral like a solenoid. In the case of gravity, it seems that the initial
spiral vortex creates the sink; and, the sink-source flow maintains the sink and the spiral vortex. We must,
therefore, call gravity systems, which always have “magnetic fields” associated with them, gravomagnetic
systems. The hitherto disparately considered gravitational fields and magnetic fields, then, are unified in the
aether system of motion of a spiral sink vortex with associated sink-source flow. While an electric current flowing
through a wire creates a magnetic field flow around it, a magnetic field flow sustains a gravitational field flow
around it.