About Me
Vivaldi RV 253 I
Brother's wedding (July 2008)
Self-Portrait Feb 2010
Obeying Directions at the U.
of Auckland New Zealand  
Poor kid had no idea what
was coming! (Spring 1997)
Consummating my love affair with the sun in the White Mountains of NH
(Sept 2005)
Helping to Build a Floating Dock, St. Lawrence River
(August 2008)
At work - (I'm not left handed)
Standing on Water.
Mark (pronounced Mar-ick) teaching me to shoot a rifle in Kapuskasing, ON, CAN. (August
Carrying out Mammal Traps in the Boreal Forest in Kapuskasing, ON, CAN.
Youthful Parents
2007 sometime.
At work.
Fall 2007 at Grandpa's Farm 1000 Islands
A revolution in physics is upon us!